Get To Know The Polycarbonate Material, And Its Advantages & Disadvantages!

Get To Know The Polycarbonate Material, And Its Advantages & Disadvantages!

Polycarbonate material is often used to build houses. Because this material is very flexible and can be used anywhere. Come on, see the main characteristics it has below!

Polycarbonate is often used as a material for outdoor canopies, residential garages, patios, or gazebos, bus shelters, skylights, halls, and others.

This material can be used for a minimalist roof.

Like other materials in general, of course, this material also has its advantages and disadvantages.

Here’s a list of its advantages and disadvantages!

Advantages of Polycarbonate Material

1. Reducing the Sun’s Heat Radiation

Get To Know The Polycarbonate Material, And Its Advantages & Disadvantages!

As a roof, this material can protect from falling rainwater.

Not only that, polycarbonate can absorb nearly ninety percent of sunlight.

So that the room underneath will stay warm and bright.

It is different when compared to other roofs, which must be given a hole first to allow light to enter.

2. Polycarbonate Printed in Sheet Form

This material is sold in sheet form, with a size of about 18.8 m x 2.1 m. However, some are sold in square meters. So it’s more profitable because you can adjust it to your needs. The thickness also varies from 5 mm, 6mm, to 10 mm.

3. Easy Installation

Installation of the roof of this material is surprisingly easy. The process is very simple and fast, thus saving development time. You can even install it yourself if you dare, no need to call on an expert force.

Although easy to apply and light in weight, this material is still strong and sturdy so it is safe to apply anywhere

4. Durable & Flexible

This material has strong durability, will not be easily affected by weather changes. So that the shape and size will remain the same both in the rainy and dry seasons.

Also, it is very flexible, so it is easy to shape according to tastes and needs. Generally, users of this material tend to prefer curved or straight/flat shapes.

5. Polycarbonate is not easy to leak

Get To Know The Polycarbonate Material, And Its Advantages & Disadvantages!

Nobody can predict when the rain will come. In anticipation that the house remains safe and comfortable, you have to make sure the house is ready when the rain hits. One way is to choose the appropriate tile or roof cover.

If you use a polycarbonate roof, you don’t need to worry about leaks.

Because the risk of this material leaking can be said to be almost zero percent.

Unless there is an error in the installation process or the appearance of holes on the surface that was made intentionally.

6. Safe and Environmentally Friendly

If you hesitate to use this material for fear that the material is not environmentally friendly, then you are wrong. This material is composed of materials that are environmentally friendly and will not cause disease for its users.

Materials that are not used can be recycled back for new sheets.

Advantages of Polycarbonate Material

1. The price of this material is expensive

Comparable to its high quality, this material also has a fairly expensive price.

So it is not suitable for those of you who want to build a house with minimal funds.

You have to adjust your home material budget if you are determined to use polycarbonate.

2. Difficult to Clean

In the installation process, the roof is glued together with tape so as not to cause cavities. If the roof is hollow, it will lead to mold. It will be very difficult to clean the roof when mold has appeared on the surface.

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