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Ways of a Good Disciple

A believer and a disciple differ in many ways. A disciple is a person who has committed to learning and practices everything he is taught. He learns with both heart and mind. He is a student, a learner, and student of whatever he is taught. A person who has faith and follows the philosophies and doctrines of his religion is who we refer to as a believer.

People are associated with many religions and doctrines in the world today. There is Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Jainism, and Judaism just to name a few. This discussion will only highlight discipleship in Christianity.

Christianity is the largest religion in the world by the number of adherents. There are so many people who claim to be Christians in the world today.
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During the days of Christ, the subject of discipleship came into the limelight. People received a savior in the name of Jesus Christ from God. At the beginning of his mission on earth Christ appealed to many people who went on to become his followers. Christ had many disciples though the ones that are well known are 12 in number.
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To be a disciple of Christ you had to leave everything that you love behind and follow the bandwagon that went on preaching and evangelizing the word of God. everything that was dear to you had to be abandoned to dedicate yourself fully to Christ. By giving out the possessions that you loved most you became qualified to follow Christ. Your comfort zone of the home had to be forgotten to achieve the full status of a disciple.

The main characteristic of a disciple is full commitment to work of God.

A disciple, in Christian context, live life for Christ. The most revered dedication of a disciple is reading and doing what the Word of God says. A disciple is not like any other person in the church. They know the Bible well. They worship and pray; give and care for people; their lives revolve around God and his word.

They often stay away from the comfort of their homes. They become missionaries in foreign lands. They have the knowledge that the close of the age is around the corner.

Only by making a choice one could become a disciple. Though it is advisable to know what you are getting into regarding the price you have to pay. You only live and die for the work of God. You forget about the pleasure seeking activities of the world. You become a tool to God’s work. You are full of knowledge concerning the word of God. As Christians today we should make a decision to either follow Christ or lose our lives to the crawls of the devil who is a liar who comes to deceive, kill and destroy.

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