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Ceiling insulation is necessary for homes or workplaces to help in temperature regulation, and this purpose can only be achieved better by using Aerolite ceiling insulation. Aerolite ceiling is likely to address your problems related to sporadic changes in temperature in your surrounding and eventually creating a relaxing atmosphere in your house with minimum energy requirements. You can count on aerolite ceiling durability because it is robust and can serve for a long time. Let us look at some of the outstanding features of Aerolite ceiling insulation.

Minimization of the effects of regular temperature change – Frequent temperature changes have huge effects on your house or workplace, install aerolite to minimize the effects of change in temperature and reduce the possible increase in electricity bills unlike other aeration and cooling systems.

Aerolite is NonCombustible – Do not be worried in case of fire because Aerolite has glass fiber insulation which is non-combustible. It has the highest fire ratings. This type of insulation is usable where there are high-temperature conditions requirements such as boilers. Glass-fibre is an important feature of aerolite that makes it heat resistant.

Aerolite is Asbestos-Free – Aerolite does not have harmful chemicals associated with asbestos, and therefore, it is environmentally friendly and does not have any health hazards. 80% reused glass and sand are its main components. People are continuing to install aerolite ceiling insulation all over the world due to its enormous benefits, and additionally, it has been in use for a long time. This ceiling has a lifespan of about 50 years.

Climatic Zones and Aerolite – The thickness of Aerolite ceiling insulation greatly varies with the weather in that, particularly area. One has to install thick roof insulation for areas with cold environmental conditions.

Soundproofing – Apart from its primary role of temperature control, Aerolite insulation has sound absorption properties. Installing aerolite on your ceiling and walls creates for you a peaceful and silent interior environment because it does not allow sound from outside into the building. Sounds inside your apartment will also be regulated accordingly. The sound proof feature is an outstanding feature that makes it suitable for a building where silence is necessary.

Economical – Aerolite insulation is undoubtedly the most suit option for ceiling insulation to save money and spend less on electricity bills. In economics, this behavior is referred to as being rational. There is room for modification to suit your particular need if required. If you decide to install aerolite ceiling insulation will be able to benefit from both financial and non-financial gains that may be realized in the long run.

No effect of the ozone layer – Many gases have negative impacts on the ozone layer and some of the ceiling insulation materials produces these gasses. Aerolite does not harm the ozone layer in any way. Aerolite doesn’t have any (ODP) ozone depletion potential. This property is another one that makes it environmentally friendly and suitable for use by humans.

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