Ceiling PlanksNo matter if you happen to be remodeling a space or an whole property, there’s a single location that’s overlooked that shouldn’t be – the ceiling! We pickled the ceiling in the kitchen with a white pickling stain from Lowe’s, and I totally love the way it turned out. Tongue and groove ceiling planks are normally attached directly to an existing ceiling using clips and screws. Woodhaven ceiling planks look just like all-natural wood, but they are truly produced of MDF (medium density fiberboard). I discovered this product at Lowe’s and am going to do my daughter’s kitchen ceiling as it is TERRIBLE! The glue is sturdy sufficient to hold the planks till you add nails in the subsequent step.

The second issue is that the space is in the basement, so the planks are in an region that often fluctuates with temperature once more, this won’t impact the planks! It’s excellent to have planks run perpendicular to ceiling joists, so they can be nailed into joists. These lines turn into the expansion gap that makes it possible for the wood ceiling to expand and contract as humidity modifications in the room.

My husband began into the project and within a few hours he had most of the ceiling up. I was his assistant and as we reduce, and hung I was seriously getting the hang of how-to hang. Armstrong planks are obtainable in white finishes, composed of either mdf or mineral fiber and come in plain or beadboard. You can come across the joists by employing a stud finder and marking them on the ceiling. We ran our planks in the opposite path of the ceiling joists and puttied as quite a few holes as we could !

Planks can be installed working with a new or existing 15/16th suspended grid system that is been modified for WoodHaven. When ceiling therapy reaches a light fixture, shut off electricity to area at the breaker box. The WoodHaven collection of ceiling planks gives what looks to be organic wood grain, but it is not. OZARK Organic PLANKS are solid wood planking that line your walls and ceilings with warmth and character. You can also use an existing or new 15/16th suspended grid system and modify it to install WoodHaven planks.

I wanted this room to look warm, inviting and all pulled together and although it may look effortless to just slap up a basic ceiling, it is just as easy to set up and Armstrong Ceiling. All that is left is caulking around the edges exactly where the planks meet the crown moulding, and also some random seams where we had to use a shorter board in order to get it to fit. TopTile Woodgrain Ceiling and Wall Planks received the 2014 Style Journal, Platinum, Award for Design Excellence.

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