Installing A Plank Ceiling

Ceiling PlanksOur knotty pine tongue and groove paneling can function good on your ceilings to give your house a renewed and additional natural appear. I hugely suggest working with a pneumatic nailer if installing person tongue and groove boards. WoodHaven tongue and groove ceilings produce a expert custom appear that you can do your self with no the use of messy adhesives or special tools. We ran them opposite the joists in the ceiling above the sheetrock so that we could attached them incredibly securely. End-matched boards carry the tongue and groove to the sides of the boards, creating finish seams more steady. Almost certainly significantly less high priced due to the truth that you wouldn’t be adding anything like the planks. Whichever way the joists run, you will nail your planks in the opposite path, across the joists.

Expansion gaps on the tongue and groove (start off to finish) sides of the ceiling are significantly less critical because of the slight expansion permitted between the tongue and groove joints. The ceilings are a diverse story, and I’ve been considering about wood plank, not only due to the fact it would appear nice (and update the house), but mainly because it is not all that difficult to set up (and we’ve accomplished a lot of installation of numerous factors lol). For our cabin beadboard ceilings, we employed 3/4″ x 4″ beaded tongue and groove pine boards. Just apply Liquid Nails to the back of each and every board, then nail with a nail gun into the ceiling joists.

When you attain the end of the ceiling, you will probably will need to rip (cut lengthwise) a board to fill in and finish the ceiling span. You can find the joists by working with a stud finder and marking them on the ceiling. If you do not have wood underneath your sheetrock, you will undoubtedly will need to drive your nails into the ceiling joists to make certain the planks keep up!

Currently our carpenter reduce out the original front porch ceiling and is raising it. We are going with a barrel vaulted ceiling. Use a caulk line or straight edge to mark the place of all joists on the entire length of the ceiling. We ran our planks in the opposite path of the ceiling joists and puttied as many holes as we could ! Nail the board at both edges and the intersection of each and every joist (which should be marked on the ceiling with chalk or a line). To make it much easier to rip the final board, join the piece to be cut into yet another tongue and groove board.

I just wanted to know if you would please tell me if you caulked the planks exactly where you joined the two ends with each other, or did you just leave it. Please let me know. Starting at the wall on one particular end of the ceiling, begin installing the tongue and groove boards. We soon realized that the shorter the length, the less complicated to fit the tongue into the groove.

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