Laminate Flooring & Vinyl Wood Plank Floors

Wood LaminateAlthough the front and the drawers have been made out of actual wood, the sides, shelves and backs had been created out of what I like to call the fake stuff. The tile job began adding up and that’s when I thought I’d have a appear at the new” laminates obtainable mainly because if they have been to expense about the very same, I’d rather not have to deal with the grout upkeep. From minor accidents to excessive wear and tear, laminate and hardwood have advantages and disadvantages. I really must do this on my kitchen counters, but I am a small nervous…plus I am not sure Hubby would be down with the idea. Laminates from this manufacturer are also resistant from moisture and massive accidental spills.

Even though we are in debt repayment mode, I decided that if I could spend under $1000 to make my kitchen tolerable for three-4 years (till our debt is paid off and we can afford new cabinets and countertops) then it would be worth the slight detour. Skeptics could argue that if Westhollow wood laminates are created from 90% wood, then it would necessarily adhere to that Westhollow’s floors will suffer from the typical affliction of wood floors: fading. Laminate is inexpensive simply because it is a largely synthetic flooring that’s simply mass developed making use of low cost components.

I’ve been itching to transform the kitchen for the last year and I was even prepared to replace the countertop with another laminate one particular – 1 that I could live with for 3 to 4 years – and figured it would expense around $600. I had painted a counter prime 6 -7 years ago (an island in the kitchen) and with Melamine Paint..and it takes all types of abuse. I nonetheless like laminate – I know granite is the rage – thank you for offering a genuine option.

I have used this approach on a concrete floor in my living space, except alternatively of paper towels I used plastic bags on a paint roller. What produced our choice were two details: 1) value for laminate flooring was 30-70% more affordable then wood laminate and 2) with a tiny youngster (and second awaited) we had been discouraged from wood laminate mainly because of it’s susceptibility to dents and scratches. My kitchen was completely transformed with new countertops, tumbled stone backsplash and some paint on the cabinets – all for below $2000!

The home is 15 years old and as far as I know the cabinets are original – particle board-covered with low-cost laminate … and painted more than by the prior owner in a dark grey-green river rock faux finish – I hate it simply because it really is just ugly and I scrape my knuckles on it all the time! Use felt pads to retain chairs from scratching the floor where the chair leg meets the floor.

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