Retaining walls are often meant to be decorative as nicely as practical, and when they appear good, they can add a lot of appeal to your garden or yard. There are numerous advantages to installing a retaining wall in your garden, and you can even use it as an exterior wall. Wood can appear every single bit as sophisticated as stone and there are just as several color, shape, and size variations to opt for from. Common rubble stone walls have been constructed due to the fact the beginning of ancient civilizations. A rule of thumb, passed down from my wall-constructing teacher’s mentor, is to attempt a stone seven different ways. Based on the type of construction, your very first course ought to start out with a half block or stone.

Most stoneyards will provide the stones for a slight charge have them placed as close to the website of your retaining wall as achievable. These smaller retaining walls are typically only two feet tall and are exclusively employed only for decorative purposes. If you make a decision to build a terraced retaining wall, start off with the lowest wall: You’ll create flat locations to stand on although functioning on … Read the rest