Concrete Retaining WallsThese forms of retaining wall are some of the earliest know retaining structures and are formed from masonry which has been mortared collectively. VB concrete retaining walls presents apart from the choice of cast in trench silo panels, L- walls as well as ST- walls that are completely attuned to the agricultural sector. Walls that are battered send a visual message that the wall is ‘working’ and that it is continuing to beat the force of gravity. Our retaining wall installations effortless, the panels are light and can be installed by only one particular individual. Concrete retaining walls present some flexibility in style as they allow wet concrete poured in-situ with the use of short-term timber formwork, or pre-cast concrete units to be applied.

Previously, our Melbourne team worked with timber sleepers and have been disappointed time and time once again when we returned to prior job web sites to discover that water or bugs had taken their toll and destroyed our challenging perform, marring the beauty of the garden. More than 30 years of analysis, item improvement and expertise has enabled innovations that have led to the development of the do-it-yourself RIDGI program which exceeds Australian standards for retaining … Read the rest