Ceiling PlanksThis form of ceiling planks, as the name suggests, can be utilized in nearly any setting. Seat the nail head so that it is flush or slightly countersunk with the tongue surface so that it does not interfere with the tongue and groove joint. Beadboard or beaded ceilings are made making use of wood tongue and groove boards assembled to develop a paneled finish. As soon as the ceiling joists are marked, measure and reduce the tongue and groove beaded boards for install.

Beaded tongue and groove boards are accessible in a selection of dimensions, and are made from an assortment of wood species (pine is common), engineered wood and polymers. In addition, priming or painting the tongues of the boards will increase the look of your ceiling in areas exactly where the boards separate with season moisture alterations. If attainable, order boards that are just slightly longer than the necessary ceiling span.

When calculating the amount of material to order, keep in mind that 4″ beaded tongue and groove boards provide only three 1/2″ of a finished surface due to the tongue. We’ve removed all the popcorn ceiling in our renovating also, but have the master left to do. … Read the rest