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Guidelines to Follow When Selecting a Fireplace Mantle A known fact is that fire places are good gathering spots and apart from being a source of heat and light a fireplace can also be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any interior space depending on the mantel that the homeowner chooses. Be definition a mantel is an ornamental framework that is used to bring out the appeal of the fireplace and it is thus imperative that the home have the right mantel but choosing the appropriate mantel is not as simple as it looks because several styles and materials make the process even more daunting. One of the foremost issues to consider is the safety of the home and before the search for a mantel begins the homeowner needs to check the National fire code policies which provide a clear guideline that material that is combustible has to be one inch away from the opening of the firebox for every eighth of an inch that protrudes from the surface. Besides that it also needs to have a clearance of at least six inches all round, but some of these guidelines may vary depending on the local code of the area. Budget is also a key consideration because fireplace mantels come at various prices and the owner needs to determine how much they will spend on the rustic fireplace mantel and mantels also come in different styles but wood is the most economical. Apart from the kind of material other factors that influence the price of mantle include the size of the mantel, the type of wood material, the size of the mantel and the finishing that needs to be done on the mantel.
On Beams: My Rationale Explained
After assessing how much one intends to spend on the mantle then they need to measure the fireplace and the family room and a general rule is that the mantel chosen should complement the size of the room and the fireplace and the goodness with following this rule is that it prevents the buyer from getting a mantle that is too large for the small fireplace.
On Beams: My Rationale Explained
A known fact is that a fireplace mantel can be a stunning piece that is crucial in the decor and the homeowner needs to be careful when selecting a mantel that blends in or increases the appeal of the decor and the owner should pay attention to the size, design and style of the mantle so that they do not overdo it and try as much as possible to keep things elegant and classy at the same time. Style is also another factor because fireplace mantels come in all kinds of styles ranging from minimalist to elaborate, modern to traditional, simple to dramatic and thus the homeowner needs to select a mantel that is a statement of their aesthetic taste and lifestyle.

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