The Benefits Of Upgrading Sash Windows

Sash windows are a stunning period feature. They can really give a property the feeling of being hundreds of years old, while still offering exceptional quality and longevity. If you live in a conservation area or in a listed building, it may be necessary that you have this type of window fitted but even if this isn’t the case, replacing existing sash windows means that you can enjoy a beautiful looking façade and property interior, while improving your heat retention and energy consumption levels for your property.

 One of the great benefits of timber frames is that they can, in a lot instances, be repaired, negating the need to have to pay for expensive replacements. If a single section of frame has become badly damaged, it may be possible for a sash window company to repair this section without the repairs effecting the rest of the window. If the fixtures and the moving mechanisms need repair or replacement, then this may also be possible. Similar repairs are not always possible with PVC or even composite frames, and this is a good reason to opt for timber over PVC if you are consider new sash windows.

 There are timber frame installations that are still going strong after 100 years, and most timber sash windows from reputable suppliers are guaranteed to last 50, 60, or even more years. However, there does come a time when it is necessary to replace them. Use a sash window consultancy to check the quality of your frames and windows, and they will be able to determine whether your windows can be repaired or whether it is time to consider replacement.

If your windows are 100 years old, then you are likely to enjoy considerable benefits by having them replaced. Modern windows use hardwood as the material of choice. These do not require the same amount of treatment as softwood frames do, and the natural oils found in the hardwood mean that frames are better equipped to resist bad weather and wet conditions. Some maintenance is required, but this can also be seen as a benefit, because it means that you can clean, strip, and repaint the wood if it becomes discoloured by the weather. It also means that you can repair a single piece of the wooden frame rather than having to have the whole window replaced.

Replacing your sash windows should also mean that you will enjoy lower energy bills and more comfortable internal property temperatures. Single glazed windows and poor fitting frames mean that you will endure cold pockets of air around the windows, and replacing your old windows therefore means that you can eliminate these cold spots. Modern glazing and modern construction methods also mean there are fewer ways for cold air to get into a property, and there is less chance that warm air will escape through the windows. Therefore, you will see a noticeable drop in energy bills as you lower the central heating and heating temperatures in your home.

The Original Box Sash Windows Company can repair or replace timber framed box sash windows, providing you with a warmer living environment, reduced heating bills, and better looking windows.

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