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Ways of Maintaining Marble Flooring Marble is one of the most beautiful natural stones that is used in many places in homes and commercial premises. Bathroom flooring and kitchen countertops are some of the most common places where marble is used. Marble is not only used widely because of its beauty, but its level of flexibility plays a major role too. When it comes to building and construction, marble is one of the most flexible stones you will ever find. You need to take care of marble on a regular basis for it to maintain its excellent looks. It is long lasting, but needs constant maintenance to avoid wear and tear which will definitely degrade its looks. One thing to note when dealing with marble floors and countertops is that they cannot be cleaned in a similar fashion to other stone floors. The reason behind this is that marble is a very soft stone that is susceptible to chipping, etching, and staining. Cleaning marble calls for the right approach that focusses on eliminating dirt while maintaining the luster. One of the common problems that face marble floors is scratching. You need to develop a cleaning routine that focuses on removing the dirt and debris from the floors time and again. Small stones and sand are the main causes of scratching on marble floors. Another common problem is water spills. Clean your marble floors or countertops with water and a cloth. Solutions such as vinegar shouldn’t be used to clean marble since they are acidic and can result into chemical etching.
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It is easy for acidic liquids to cause stains on marble. You need to clean it immediately a wine ir soft drink spills on it. You shouldn’t rub marble thoroughly while cleaning due to the ease of scratching or discoloring it. One way of eliminating spills is to use a soft rag to absorb the liquid. If you have a soft mop, you can use it too. Be careful when choosing chemicals and detergents used to clean marble. Instead of using acidic chemicals to remove oil spills, you can use powder soap or alcohol and warm water.
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Marble is a very fragile stone despite its good looks. Don’t place heavy objects or drag things across marble floors. In case you would like to place things on a particular section of the marble floors, ensure to cover that section with a mat. If you have children, you know how bad it can get when they decide to play with their toys on marble. Set your boundaries are make your children play from other places or on mats instead of on these fragile floors. Although maintaining the floors may seem like a difficult process, repairing them is more expensive hence don’t allow them to be damaged to the extent that they’ll need a repair.

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