Price To Install A Plank Ceiling

Ceiling PlanksCome across the average expense of installing a plank ceiling oneself compared with hiring a carpenter. I just wanted to know if you would please tell me if you caulked the planks where you joined the two ends together, or did you just leave it. Please let me know. Starting at the wall on 1 finish of the ceiling, commence installing the tongue and groove boards. We soon realized that the shorter the length, the much easier to match the tongue into the groove.

To install tongue and groove boards adequately, you will want to ascertain the direction and location of the ceiling joists. We’ll just discover the ceiling joists with a stud finder, mark them with chalk lines, and nail gun them into the joists. Planks can be installed using a new or existing 15/16th suspended grid method that’s been modified for WoodHaven. Though genuine beadboard is constructed using person tongue and groove boards, today beadboard surfaces can be created making use of a few different merchandise.

I highly recommend making use of a pneumatic nailer if installing individual tongue and groove boards. WoodHaven tongue and groove ceilings generate a skilled custom look that you can do your self devoid of the use of messy adhesives or particular tools. We ran them opposite the joists in the ceiling above the sheetrock so that we could attached them really securely. Finish-matched boards carry the tongue and groove to the sides of the boards, creating finish seams far more stable. Most likely less costly due to the fact that you would not be adding one thing like the planks. Whichever way the joists run, you will nail your planks in the opposite direction, across the joists.

In the kitchen, there was a lot of aggravation when these 8′ boards wouldn’t fit seamlessly into the groove along the full length. Tighten the tongue and groove joints and the installed nails by pounding boards collectively utilizing a scrap piece of tongue and groove board. Look at the timing of installation if your climate and house have important seasonal humidity variations. To increase the performance, appearance and life of your beadboard ceiling project, consider finishing or at least priming the boards prior to installing them.

Prior to installing any boards, you must mark the place of the ceiling joists on the existing ceiling working with a chalk line or similar. Even though running beaded boards perpendicular to ceiling studs is commonly not a challenge, it provides challenges for a wainscot style application on walls. Employing a stud finder or other strategy, find and mark your ceiling joists prior to beginning board installation. I have been living in a modular house for the previous eight years and hate the popcorn ceilings and bare walls.

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