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The Italian Furniture Market In recent years, consumers have realized that purchasing quick to assemble and lightweight furniture leaves them purchasing furniture again in just a few years. No one wants to have to refurnish their house every two to four years, as this is simply not cost-effective. For this reason, the hunts for good quality luxury furniture is on the rise, since while you pay more at first, the furniture lasts for years to come. Italian luxury furniture specifically has become very popular. If you don’t live in Italy, however, where can you find Italian luxury furniture? It is not as hard as you might think. First and foremost, you can easily do a quick search for local stores that feature luxury Italian furniture. Many cities have a store that sells Italian furniture due to its popularity, especially in larger cities like New York City and Los Angeles. You may have a harder time finding a retailer in smaller cities, but there may very well be something in the surrounding area. Traveling to see what type of furniture they carry may be worthwhile if this if for sure the avenue you want to go to make your large furniture purchases. Secondly, there could be an antique store close to you that has a selection of European pieces. A lot of antique stores receive unique pieces from all over the world. Generally when people think of these stores, they think of ancient furniture items, but there is much more variety than that. Consignment can be either negotiable or fixed priced, so make sure you check to be certain you are getting the best deal available. If treasure hunting is something you’re interested in, estate sales often turn up valuable finds as well.
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Last but not least, the internet is a wealth of places to find luxury Italian furniture. It can be difficult to find an authentic Italian furniture dealer online, but it is not impossible. Because you cannot see the furniture in person, it can be hard to get the exact wood color that you desire, as well. Italian furniture makers also sometimes sell their wares online, so this is an option as well, though it may be an expensive delivery process. There are online US sellers that offer Italian furniture to be shipped as well, but certify that they are actual Italian pieces before purchasing.
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There is no shortage to retailers that offer Italian furniture for purchase within the United States. Whether you purchase from a retailer in your city, or through the internet, you will be receiving an item of furniture that can be in your family for years.

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