Oak FloorsAbout three weeks ago, we got our hardwood floors delivered for the primary and second levels. Oak flooring looks a lot much better in rooms with reduced traffic volumes, and so is best for a bedroom or for a dramatic living room, or dining space. You could also could also look at lighter furnishings and keep the floors and trim the very same colour. Notice all the components we added, countertops, backsplash, and new cabinetry had been that dark green color.

I believe I have one coat poly, I’d prefer 1 or two far more coats of poly due to having a doggie who is rough on my floors. In our den, (I can e-mail you a photo) we applied two coats of White Wash Stain… The stain seriously stands out! If I had it all to do all over again, I may possibly have selected white oak due to the fact it doesn’t have the pink undertones that red oak has. I am receiving ready to have plywood installed in my bedroom… cutting it into 8 inch planks etc… and i want to white wash it and wasn’t confident what to use… thanks!

I had a lot of flooring businesses try to talk me into pre-completed floors considering that they are much easier to install and have a a lot more durable factory finish on them. For our floors, we employed a single coat of White Wash Pickling Stain (White Tint Base) and then put a clear poly more than it. Our floors are oak, so once they have been stained, a tiny pink shined through. We have selected red oak flooring to match the flooring in the rest of the house which is a 1950s post World War II style ranch.

Scratches on my dark finish show up … Read the rest